Indonesia's Telkomsel picks Infinet for connectivity in difficult terrain

Indonesia's Telkomsel picks Infinet for connectivity in difficult terrain

Indonesia’s biggest cellular operator Telkomsel chose Infinet Wireless solutions for building up a radio link of 180 km to provide connectivity in challenging terrain.

The Indonesian operator had most of its base transceiver stations with IP microwave technology-enabled, as well as VSAT and optical cable. Telkomsel selected Infinet Wireless' Quanta 5 for the deployment of a radio link to help improve connectivity in ‘challenging terrain’ across the archipelago.

The global developer and manufacturer of broadband wireless access solutions said in a press release that that with Telkomsel requiring both additional bandwidth and a cost-effective solution to support its IP microwave technology, VSAT or optical cable-enabled network of base stations, it is providing orthogonal frequency-division multiplexing (OFDM) radio equipment, resulting in the delivery of a radio link of 180km ‘to provide connectivity despite different obstacles, such as obstructive hills in the area, the ocean and the islands’.

Infinet’s technological partner, KISEL Group, a telecommunications services infrastructure provider, supplied the equipment, designed deployment of the links, and carried out support for the deployment of OFDM backhaul via local unit Wiralom Sistem.

KISEL Group planned to rely on a more cost-efficient solution by taking advantage of the unlicensed 5 GHz frequency band — a steady, carrier-class product, providing high-throughput performance and capable of working in nearLOS / NonLOS conditions.

“We were impressed with Infinet OFDM as one of our rural transmission solutions, especially the new Quanta range, which covers nLOS terrestrial transmission in hilly terrain with good quality and at an affordable price. Thanks also to the Kisel & Wirakom team, which has been supporting us as an intermediary company. It has delivered the service in several projects in Telkomsel, especially related to reducing satellite cost and special area development projects. Infinet has made the impossible propagation possible, delivering sufficient capacity and good quality,” said Teddy Indira Permana, General Manager Transport, Passive & Power Planning Division, PT Telkomsel.