Accelerating 5G: How stakeholders are working together to transform experience

Accelerating 5G: How stakeholders are working together to transform experience

The All Bands to 5G Summit held during the Global Mobile Broadband Forum (MBBF) 2023 in Dubai this month resounded with a clear message: 5G has the power to shape the future of connectivity and revolutionise societies. Industry experts and leaders from diverse stakeholders came together, sharing their profound insights.

Arthur Zhang, CEO of Hangzhou For-x Technology, spoke about leveraging 5G RedCap (Reduced Capability) for innovation. He emphasised the immense potential of 5G in transforming the IoT industry, stating, "For-x Technology is committed to providing industry customers with innovative products and solutions, with a particular focus on 5G RedCap."

RedCap, an evolutionary aspect of 5G, is anticipated to find applications in electric power, security, vehicle monitoring, and wearables. Zhang shed light on the significant prospects in the security field, envisioning substantial growth in smart cameras and the subsequent demand for comprehensive solutions. "For-x Technology is heavily investing in research and development to provide end-to-end solutions, including RedCap network cameras and a cloud platform integrating connection management, device management, video management, and AI capabilities. Our goal is to replace traditional wired Wi-Fi and 4G cameras with RedCap cameras, supporting innovative industry applications," he added.

Ahmed Alshal, Director of Network Excellence Centre and New Technologies for the UAE-based du telecom, provided intriguing insights into the rapid adoption and deployment of 5G in the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) countries, especially in the UAE. He pointed out the competition among operators and government entities in driving the Smart City agenda, leading to exceptional nationwide 5G coverage, notably in Abu Dhabi and Dubai.

During his presentation, Alshal highlighted the exponential increase in 5G traffic, showcasing the pivotal role 5G is playing in the overall mobile network. Du telecom in the UAE has achieved remarkable milestones, hitting 10 gigabits per second - a testament to its commitment to being at the forefront of the 5G era.

Jawad Jalal Abbassi, Head of MENA at the GSMA, discussed the strategic agendas for sustainable, secure, open, and profitable networks in 2023. He stressed the importance of leveraging 5G to bridge the usage gap and achieve the United Nations' sustainable development goals. Abbassi emphasised the role of governments and regulators in allocating spectrum and ensuring successful 5G deployment, and presented key survey results indicating the focus of operators on generating new revenue, improving customer experience, and investing in standalone 5G radio access networks. Additionally, he highlighted the expectations for 5G advanced and 5.5G use cases, such as 5G multicast services and low-cost IoT support, further promoting the future of connectivity.

Wang Shikang, Vice-President of Huawei 5G&LTE FDD Domain, presented insights into Huawei’s new GigaGreen solutions that can enhance spectral and energy efficiency. “There is a need for multi-dimensional capabilities, including high speed, low latency, and massive connection capabilities,” he said. Wang also stressed the importance of spectrum allocation and diversified scenario coverage. He discussed the challenges operators face, such as improving spectral efficiency and balancing service growth with energy efficiency.

Huawei's GigaGreen products offer a solution for all bands to 5G, focusing on improved performance, user experience, and lower energy consumption. The collaboration with operators aims to create high-quality networks for enhanced consumer experiences.

Karim Yaici, Lead Industry Analyst at Ookla, delved into unleashing the gaming potential in the MENA region and shed light on the booming gaming sector. He emphasized the importance of deploying local edge compute servers, rolling out 5G SA, and planning for 5.5G to enable lag-free mobile cloud games. In addition, he highlighted the role of operators in reducing latency and improving the gaming experience, positioning themselves as leaders in the gaming ecosystem.

“Gaming has become a major focus for operators, offering opportunities to engage new customer segments and differentiate their brands. There is potential for operators to capitalise on the gaming market, given the rapid growth of gaming users, especially in the Gulf region. However, robust network infrastructure is essential to support gaming use cases and cloud gaming,” said Yaici.

Richard Liu, President of Huawei Global Carrier Marketing & Solution Sales, presented Huawei's approach to wireless network and industry enablement.

During his presentation, Liu discussed a range of new 5G customer services that are emerging, including glasses-free 3D, new calling and XR (Extended Reality). These services are already proving highly effective for operators and are accelerating the prosperity of 5G first-movers in China and the Asia Pacific region. Liu also emphasised the role of RedCap in advancing various industries such as electric power, manufacturing, and wearable devices.

He stressed the need for high-quality 5G networks that cater to diverse scenarios and highlighted the importance of innovation in achieving network efficiency and resource utilisation.

The Global Mobile Broadband Forum serves as a pivotal platform for industry leaders to share their insights, strategies, and innovations in the ever-evolving 5G landscape. From leveraging 5G for IoT advancements to exploring the potential of cloud gaming and addressing the unique requirements of the gaming community, these discussions shed light on the limitless possibilities that 5G and its advancements like 5.5G offer.

The 14th Global Mobile Broadband Forum 2023 was hosted by Huawei along with its industry partners GSMA, GTI, and SAMENA. Held on October 10 and 11 in Dubai, UAE, this annual forum gathers mobile network carriers, vertical industry leaders, and ecosystem partners from around the world to explore the success of 5G commercialisation and accelerate the commercial use of 5.5G.


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